City of Fountains



City of FountainsCity of Fountains

When you plan your visit to Kansas City, or even once you arrive, take note of the many beautiful and diverse public and private fountains nearly everywhere you go.

There are 200 officially registered fountains in the metropolitan Greater Kansas City area. And that number excludes the many fountains at corporation and sub-division entrances, office atriums, private gardens and homes.

In a design vision dating back to the 1800s, Kansas City was imagined with “more boulevards than Paris, more fountains than Rome.” Much of Kansas City’s history is reflected in a century of fountain development.

Fountains were initially established to fill the needs of people and animals and later as beautification, memorials and celebrations.

To complement its City of Fountains moniker, Kansas City also boasts many beautiful outdoor public sculptures. Quiet tree-lined neighborhood streets as well as nationally recognized boulevards showcase hundreds of magnificent and unique works of art. Many were donated by local citizens. Others were purchased by developers. And some were added by the city. View more information about them (including photos and locations), here.